January 3, 2013

Wedding Shows, you gotta go

We’re off to Wedding Fair in Vancouver BC as exhibitors and hope to see you there!

If you can get yourself to a wedding show in the early stages of planning, go and bring your mum. Not only is it great bonding time, it will be as good as renting a time machine to bring your mum to the present if not the future of wedding trends. She might be surprised to see that today’s bridesmaids (for the most part) like their dresses, do not wear coordinating hats, and sleeves are optional.


(Sweet heavens that picture is something else!)

In 19___ [insert your parents’ wedding year here] couples hired bands and after a stroll through a wedding show, your mum will see that it is more common to work with a DJ now. Your mum will be brought up to speed on all things wedding in one afternoon, and you’ll probably be able to avoid the “Don’t you want to wear my wedding headband” conversation now that she knows what’s In.

Wedding Headband

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