July 13, 2012

Traditions or Superstitions # 1 - Dressing The Man

Just hosted 3 beautiful weddings at Inn at Laurel Point and the questions I heard most was “where does the boutonniere go and how do I put it on?”  Acutally I even heard one groom say “where is my mother?”  Let Laurel help!

A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men.  It is the French word for buttonhole.  Traditionally, a boutonniere was pushed through the lapel buttonhole and the stem was held in place by a loop at the back of the lapel.

These days most lapels do not have the loop so the boutonniere is simply pinned onto the jacket lapel.  The boutonniere is worn on the left side.

This classic accoutrement for men has been in and out of vogue over the years but there are ways to pair a modern suit with a flower.  A simple bud, single orchid or a sprig of lavender can be very comtemporary.  Your flower should share a common element with your lovely brides’ bouquet. 

The groomsmen’s boutonnieres should all match, but the groom’s is usually distinguished in some way to make him stand out.  Just in case we can’t figure out the guy standing by the bride is the groom?  This last part could be just tradition talking.                    


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July 11, 2012

Time Honored Tradition or Silly Superstition?

In the shadow of the multibillion-dollar wedding machine, it can be hard to tell real tradition from a made-up sales pitch.  Without question, the wedding industry has piled on the notion of paying to preserve tradition, when in fact, many of those high-priced traditions, such as the diamond engagement ring, don’t go back much further than the 1920’s.

Nonetheless, some traditions are real.  And like anything many traditions have evolved from old ideas that we may see as a little strange today.  For years, the joining of a bride and groom and the idea of starting a new life together, has been viewed as such an important development that a great deal of superstition has cropped up around weddings. 

The series of blogs to follow will look at many of our common practices, customs, traditions and supersititions.

  • Custom - habitual practice of a community, established usage
  • Tradition - practices passed from generation to generation
  • Superstition - a belief based on irrational fears and marked by a trust or reverance for charms, omens or signs.

                  FYI - Tossing the bride for good luck is a silly superstition!


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June 23, 2012

Shades of Grey


               No, not Fifty Shades of Grey, THAT is another blog entirely …

The colors you choose for your wedding day set the style and tone for your entire event.  You can use color in your bridesmaids’ dresses, decorations, cake, favors, flowers, accessories, linens, and even the invitations.  Choose colors you love, but also consider the following:

Avoid too much black, it can look like a funeral.  Dont lose your personality, don’t do pastels just becasue it is summer.  Too many colors is too many colors, consider going monochromatic. 

So let’s talk grey.  It is such a beautiful, soft neutral color and I love to see it as a main wedding hue with colorful accents around it.  Shades of grey seem to be the new modern these days!  I anticipate seeing lots of grey this season at the Inn Laurel Point.  Yellow and grey is perfect for a summer wedding.  And my personal favorite, is violet and purple paired with a combination of grey. 

Check out these elements of style some in our Terrace Ballroom, and beautiful blooms with shades of grey from  Clare Day Flowers.







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June 19, 2012

Grooms Do Make Passes at Brides Who Wear Glasses


Do I or Don’t I … wear glasses on my wedding day?  My thought is your glasses are YOU, and you wouldn’t be you on your wedding day, without them.  And lucky you, because your man proposed to the beautiful girl wearing the glasses.

Up until this year a bride in glasses at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria hotel has been a rare sight!  But I just love seeing girls who rock out their specs and frankly don’t you want to be able to see on your wedding day?


So which is more important, appearance or comfort?  Well frames are a part of your face so you could stick with your glasses and add some dramatic eye makeup.  Or look at the glasses as a part of your wedding ensemble.  Get a funky new pair to play up your “inner 4 -eyed goddess,” or coordinate them with your dress, your flowers, or try understated frameless lenses that barely show.

Every bride wants to look like the most beautiful version of themselves on their day.  If you have only ever known yourself with glasses and that is how you feel most natural or comfortable then why not wear them.  I found so many gorgeous brides to share on this blog that clearly you do not need to bow to someone else’s idea of beautiful being a bride wearing contact lenses.  

So ladies … embrace your bad vision and say “I Do” to your glasses, just remember to use waterproof mascara.


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June 2, 2012

Brides and Kids and Dogs, Oh My!

Have you ever hear the old show business adage “never work with children or animals?”  Children and animals can behave unpredicably and they can steal every scene.  Want to open up a can of worms - just tell people you want a “no children wedding.”  You will have some supporters but others will secretly scorn you behind your back.                                                                                    

Weddings are not typically adult only events, in fact at Inn at Laurel Point a Victoria BC Hotel, children often play an important role in the symbolism associated with weddings.  Ultimately it is YOUR day and you can have it YOUR way.


For many families a dog is someone they would love to include and there are lots of ways to involve a furry friend.  Temperment and disposition, the dogs’ not the grooms’ will help you make this decision.  And don’t try to train him, the dog not the groom, in the weeks leading up to the wedding.                                     

You should let your wedding party, vendor and officiant know in advance.  The best man may have allergies, and some officiants may refuse to preside over a wedding that includes pets.  Be assured however if you were having your wedding at Inn at Laurel Point, you and your four legged friend will find our pet policy “fetching.”  We are truly an Inn for lovers and pet lovers … and kids too.


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May 11, 2012

With This Ring …

In 1947,  an advertising agency representing De Beers’ diamonds coined the phrase “A Diamond is Forever” and the rest is history.  It’s often said that a man should spend twice his salary on a ring, but I have a strong suspicion that’s just another marketing ploy by the diamond industry.  Which brings up my question - is there a rule that you must give a diamond?

Some of the weddings I have seen at Inn at Laurel Point a Victoria Hotel, the brides have embraced the trend to look back to antique or vintage pieces of jewellry.  Why not consider a stone that looks like a diamond, or you can choose your birthstone or stones in colors that symbolize something important to you.       


Some brides find diamonds too expected and want to stand out by wearing a different gem stone.  Other brides object to the politics associated with their mining.  Did you know that sapphires are a symbol of fidelity and the heavens while rubies represent love and passion?  Find a ring you love, a ring that hopefully you will be wearing everyday for the rest of your life.  Yes, I did just say pick out your own ring!

In Sex and The City, when Mr. Big asks Carrie if she’d like a diamond ring to seal their engagement she responds “No. Just get me a really big closet.”  She is my kind of bride.  I can think of a handful of other things I’d rather put ring money towards.  Not to say I would forego the symbol entirely, but something that is simple and beautiful - not sooo simple that there is no sparkle.  I am still a girl who writes a wedding blog for goodness sakes!


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May 5, 2012

Classic Style

Iconic, famous, fabulous and always fashion forward - look back in time at these beautiful brides and their dresses.  Some things never go out of style.





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May 2, 2012

Something Borrowed

  Apparently some brides are saying “I do” to the idea of renting a wedding dress.  At first, my inner wedding diva was alarmed but the more I research the idea the more I am “being sold.”  Really, once the big day is over, what do you do with the dress?  Yes some gowns are passed down to daughters, and a few can be made into an evening dress, but most are simply packaged and put into a closet. 

Will we see a rented dress at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria BC Hotel this season? Maybe, but who would know and that’s pretty awesome right?  The trend of renting a once-loved wedding dress is taking off as brides realize that someone wore the dress only once, that the dress is still beautiful and stylish and the dress can be made their own.  New wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $200 to $10,000 for a designer dress,or $400,000 if you are marrying a future king.  According to Wedding Bells the average cost is $1.093, while a rental dress can average $400 and usually includes dry cleaning.


Men have been renting tuxedos for years so why should a bride have reservations about renting a wedding dress.  Why not save some money, money that could be put towards your first house or that romantic honeymoon you’ve imagined.


But if you decide renting is not your style - why wear the dress just once?  Inn at Laurel Point will work with your photographer for a post wedding shoot that is fun and memorable.  ”Trash the Dress” is an opportunity to wear your dress again but wear it in the pond located in our private Japanese garden. 

In the end let’s remember that all eyes are usually on the bride during the ceremony and reception, and no one knows (or cares) whether the dress is designer or gently used, as long as the bride looks happy and ravishing!

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April 23, 2012

I Do’s and No You Don’t’s

What I am sharing are things to do and not to do at a wedding.  Some of the information comes from professional etiquette godesses’s Martha and Emily and other tidbits come from what I have learned from planning weddings.  So, if you are attending a wedding at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria BC Hotel this year, read and remember.    

Respect the wedding invitation – if you can bring a guest the invitation will read Ms Laurel Point and Guest.  A guest is not a child or a dog or a child with a dog.  If small things are not invited this is not the time to question the couples decision. Do not add their names to the reply card and do not show up with them anyway.                                      

During the ceremony be on your best behavior. Dress according to the location, time of day and level of formality.  Arrive early, don’t leave the location and parking to chance.  Turn off you cell phone during the ceremony.  Enjoy yourself and engage with other guests.   

If your event will not include a full meal, it is courteous to inform your guests.  Use phrasing on the invitation such as “and afterward for cocktails” instead of the classic “at the reception.”  This comes from personal experience and having to deal with “the date” who on the way home has to stop at McDonald’s.  You can however be sure, that weddings at Inn at Laurel Point, do include the full meal deal.                                

Stick to using table numbers.  Pictures of famous couples, your travel photos, or names of your favorite movies are hard to see from across the room.  I’ve heard many a complaint by guests at weddings when they have to search for their table.                                         


Do not alter place cards or switch tables. You should be cordial and sit where the bride and groom have designated.  Introduce yourself to your tablemats and share how you know the couple and enjoy yourself.  

Please no speculation about the bride and groom’s ”big night.”  If you want to talk about what a big night it is, focus on what is already happening. Compliment the beautiful room and view at Inn at Laurel Point, the flowers, and the great time you are having.  No innuendos allowed.     

And another “I Do” for any couple, which is gracious and a welcome gesture, is to thank the hotel staff particularly if they contribued to a memorable day for you and your guests

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April 12, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Let me tell you something, after the wedding at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria BC Hotel,  we hear alot of talk - ok gossip.  Seriously, what are the two most important things at a wedding?  If you said the bride and groom you’ve clearly never been a bride.  The correct answer of course is the dress and the cake!

2012 cake trends include cakes with romantic frills and ruffles and open flowers.  White wedding cakes be it vintage or modern are a timeless confection that will never be out of style.  Buttercream icing with that “just whipped” look versus fondant.  And one of my favorites is multiples of single tiered cakes.  This trend allows for more flavors and creates a beautiful dessert table.  Our Pastry Chef April Iverson is a cake wizard - you dream it she will make it happen.  So take a wander through some of wedding cake images for even more inspiration.

Gourment cupcakes, tired donut cake, miniature desserts including cake pops, tarts and pies, funky shaped cakes that speak to your personality and sweet tables.  They are not for bat mitzvahs anymore.  Mazel tov!  And have you heard about savory cupcakes.  While traditional cupcakes aren’t going anywhere, savory cupcakes are a unique idea you can provide.  Imagine mini meatloaf cupcakes topped with mashed potato icing and grated parmesan cheese as a late night snack!

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche - but not too much cake my dear or they will be talking about you and your dress! 


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