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Dear gentle readers (and the soon-to-be-wed-ers),

Whether on purpose or by accident, you’ve just stumbled across Inn at Laurel Point’s new wedding blog, first Victoria hotel that we know of to have one.  So pull up a chair, a warm kitty or mug of joe and get comfy because I’m about to chat about one my most favourite subjects… myself.

As a single gal in her (early) 30s, you might be wondering what depth of knowledge I, Laurel, could possibly have on the wedding industry. And while dating certainly isn’t my forte (remind me to tell you sometime about my last blind date with a used car salesman I fondly refer to as Zorro ’Stache), I’m a seasoned wedding professional, having hosted hundreds – if not thousands – of events.

On this blog, you can expect all sorts of wedding goodies, from photos of the season’s hottest dresses to videos showing off fun first dances and questions from real, breathing, betrothed people. (Do you have a wedding-related question? Post a comment here and you just might see your query on an upcoming blog.)

But, more about me. I filled out some Q&As to give you some more background on myself. Hope you enjoy!

Q: What astrological sign are you?

A: As if you haven’t already figured this one out. I’m a Virgo through and through – meaning that while I’m helpful, reliable and precise, I come with a healthy dash of fussy, Type A-ness.

Q: Who’s you favourite wedding dress designer?

A: Vera Wang, no question. Elegant, flattering – her dresses have it all. And, thanks to last year’s launch of an affordable line of gowns (including ones in plus sizes), more brides are sporting the Wang! (I really should patent that phrase.)

Q: What’s one of the season’s top wedding trends?

A: Although hardly new, sustainable, Earth-friendly weddings are extremely popular – and I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon.

Q: What are some of the hottest engagement rings?

A: Say goodbye to huge sparkly rocks – vintage, second-hand and conflict-free stones are here to stay. We’re also seeing a push for coloured gems instead of diamonds.

Q: Any pets?

A: No time for furry children, can you imagine fur on my pant suits? Très not chic.  Luckily Inn at Laurel Point, my favorite victoria accommodations is very pet friendly.  Tres chic.

Fondest regards,


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